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The little mark on my cheek / ぼくのほっぺのちいさなあざ

Ari's photography / アリさん、フォトムービー

about Ari Marcopoulos / アリ・マルコポロス紹介

audio works / オーディオワーク
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"The little mark.... / ぼくのほっぺ"
the paper book version will be available in the beginning of September

Happa-no-Kofu / 葉っぱの坑夫
A child and their grandpa, both with a little mark on their cheek, visit a land to the south full of people with the same mark. Through the journey the child begins to think about what the world is.....
Text: Kazue Daikoku & Alexis Jones
Photographs: Ari Marcopoulos
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